The Loneliness Machine

The Loneliness Machine. Objects. Theatre. Documentary  (Mexico-Spain)

The Loneliness Machine is a tribute to the letter- object and the postal mail. This Machine is an amplitude of a moment made by a precarious technology, tiny, invisible, which is activated whenever there is ink on the hands, in front a sheet of paper, a distance an absence. The Machine´s engines are memories that are being written with every found correspondence in antique markets of Mexico and Spain, with the archeology of objects, images and unusual anecdotes taken from interviewed scribes, retired postmen, post office workers and investigated files.

The Machine is a defoliated document in a space of micro-landscapes and inventories that reveal the negligible affections that matter shelters.

An intimate journey for 46 spectators.

Creation, implementation and interpretation: Shaday Larios and Jomi Oligor

A co-production:

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With the colaboration of:


Thanks to: The Scribes: Edit, Elvira y Lourdes, a Manuel y Elisa, a Javier y su mamá, a David y Anita, a Ivan Puig, a Marcela Armas, a David Continente, a Catalina Juárez, a Iazua Larios, a Rober, a Raquel, a Claudio y Charo, a Anselmo y María, a Lirio y Martí, a Los Calandria, a Dalia Huerta y a Bindu, a Xabi Bobés, a Jordi Fondevila, a Jordá Ferré, al Rinoceronte Enamorado, a Cabo San Roque and all the anonymous people who have somehow ended up in drawers and small boxes of the Loneliness Machine.